There is a leap in wireless technology and the quality of sound produced by small speakers. There are many choices in the market at different price ranges. People wanting to purchase these speakers often has no access to personally sound test and compare to each other. Our mission is to provide the consumers the experience to check the quality of different brands and models. With, anyone can compare different speaker's acoustic signatures and have an idea of which speaker they prefer and lessening the possibility of regret after purchase. These audio samples will allow the audience to judge the different products on their own. For advanced users, we also measure each speaker's frequency response for a more detailed comparison.



Our team designed a Standard Sound Test that we will apply to each speaker. Recordings and measurements are performed inside a sound-proof and reverb-free environment using high sensitivity and neutral audio recording equipment. You can compare each recording to another recording regardless of time as we strictly impose the same procedure on each test.


Mifa Wildbox
Blitzwolf BW-WA3



Mifa Wildbox

MIFA Wildbox is a powerful deep bass producing machine. Tuned to achieve an effective balance between high-end hardware configuration and cavity. To make us can feel the amazing music when we hold a party by the beach.

Tronsmart Bang

Tronsmart Bang is a 60W Speaker designed for party and outdoors. With patented TuneConn™ Technology that allows you to immerse yourself into a higher-level auditory feast and delivers impactful sound to create a party atmosphere wherever you go.

Blitzwolf BW-WA3

BlitzWolf BW-WA3 is a 100W bluetooth Speaker Portable Speakers, with Quad Driver & Dual Diaphragm Deep Bass. Plus RGB Light, Design for outdoor and portability.


Welcome to Digi-Ears.Com!

This website will help you decide on choosing the right speaker for you, based on your taste of music, genre, and ear sensitivity. We don't just record, we calibrate our equipment to ensure that the audio we capture is as flat as possible, with no coloration on the output to provide you optimum accuracy. We designed a recording environment that eliminates external noise, echo, and reverberation.

We are a neutral, unbiased, and objective group. We don't give a personal opinion on each product as well as our personal preference. We only use science in assessing each speaker, such as measurement of loudness, tuning based on frequency response graphs, signal to noise ratio, distortion, etc. 

Our objective is to provide you the best sound test experience, just like sound testing in person. These sound outputs will help you decide which speaker you prefer, minimizing the possibility of regret and ultimately, save money.

Standard Sound Test



The accuracy of the sound output that will reach our audience depends on many factors, our recording methods, digital compression of our partner sites such as Youtube, and audio equipment of the user. We are confident that we are recording and delivering an accurate recording. Therefore, we suggest that the listener use flat-response headphones or speaker to hear the actual sound of the speaker tested.


Sound Tracks

We chose different soundtracks with different focuses, stereo test, cinematic test, treble test, bass test, male vocal, and female vocal test. Each track will let you hear the differences of each speaker. We use high-quality free music and demos from audio manufacturing for testing.


Frequency Response Charts and Loudness Test

We don't just record, We measure. Aside from letting our audience listen to the actual sound of each speaker, we also measure each speaker's frequency response. We measure using a calibrated microphone, the Minidsp Umik-1 Microphone, and Room Equalizer Wizard (REW). These charts may help advance users to assess each speaker's performance as well as fine-tuning different speakers.


Speaker Output Optimization

Based on the frequency response graph, we do generate equalizer adjustments for the most common sound curves. The best speaker output is Flat, although it will be boring, as some say. We provide EQ tuning to flatten each speaker. We also do provide EQ tuning for Harman Curve and more in the future.